Pre/Post Party Clean

Preparing for a special occasion can be very time consuming but welcoming people to a beautifully clean and tidy venue gives a fantastic first impression of the hosts and the effort they have made to make every one valued.

As a consequence guests are far more careful not cause any damage.

“David & Jane” provide a pre/post party service where we will discuss the type of event client is organising, the venue and list the client’s top priorities. We will then prepare the venue according to client instructions and ensure everything is in place and as instructed. We can supply one or more members of our team (depending on the size of the of the guest list) to stay behind and maintain the standard throughout the event.

If required, “David & Jane” will then return the following day (week ends are included) and thoroughly clean, dispose of all rubbish and tidy.

Please note that our waiting or gardening staff do not carry out the same services as our cleaning staff.

If you are planning an event and would like to use our services, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can get your dates into the planner. There is usually a minimum lead time of three weeks but we will do everything we can to help.